Craig Woodruff

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Woodruff is responsible for the financial portfolio of the company and for the analysis, financial reporting, tax planning, insurance and accounting-related functions of the organization. Read more >

Dave Cooperman

National Director of Sales

Mr. Cooperman is a career long aviation finance and leasing professional with well over a decade in the industry. Throughout his career, Mr. Cooperman has worked with numerous high profile clients and Fortune 500 companies to address and solve their specific aircraft finance or leasing needs.Read more >

Erin Foster

Credit Manager

Erin analyzes and underwrites new aircraft secured credit opportunities and is responsible for management of the existing portfolio. Erin began her career in the mortgage lending industry before turning her focus to accounting. Prior to joining SinglePoint, she spent several years as a tax account in a public accounting firm and then transitioned to the oil & gas industry as the Controller for a downhole tool manufacturing and oilfield services company.Read more >

Jeff Davis

Acorn Growth Companies

Mr. Davis leads Acorn's operations and investor development activities. He directs the early stage initiatives of the Firm, oversees portfolio company activities and provides direction for the execution of Acorn's investment strategy.Read more >

Rick Nagel

Acorn Growth Companies

Mr. Nagel directs the latter-stage initiatives of Acorn Growth Companies, concentrating on the firm's acquisition, merger, and portfolio operating activities. He serves in direct executive and oversight capacities for several firms held by Acorn, which include manufacturing, engineering services, applied sciences, maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, intelligence and surveillance operations, and specialty government leasing and financing.Read more >

Jeff Morton

Acorn Growth Companies

Jeff Morton serves as Executive Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of Acorn and its portfolio companies. Mr. Morton’s responsibilities include financial, tax, treasury, insurance and administrative support and oversight related to the identification, negotiation, due diligence, acquisition, operation and reporting of Acorn, its portfolio companies and the financial management of Acorn funds.Read more >