Veracity Detects Early Stages of Aircraft Structural Problems

Veracity Technology Solutions, an AGC Aerospace & Defense company, has inspected numerous metal and composite aircraft components to detect and monitor the progression of anomalies that could lead to structure failure as in the case of the recent Southwest Airlines aircraft.

“The goal of the testing is to ensure structural integrity,” said Gary Hensley, President of Veracity. “Various non-destructive inspection methods, such as eddy current (also referred to as electromagnetic testing) or Ultrasonic (UT) can provide the necessary information – the key is in analyzing the findings and also in recording the details for comparison in future inspections.”

Using field portable medical-grade ultrasonic technology or advanced eddy current methods, Veracity is able to detect and record the location of anomalies in exceptionally thin materials such as aircraft skin. The company has also been successful in identifying indications (potential defects which could lead to cracking) on aircraft test panels.

“In a recent project, we identified corrosion on the backside of aircraft panels where the rivets joined overlapping skin,” stated Kevin McKinley, Vice President of Development and Project Management. “We developed a three dimensional profile that enabled us to analyze and record the size and extent of the corrosion.”

Veracity’s proprietary software assigns a digital reference point that can be used on future inspections to track the evolution of anomalies that are caused by a variety of factors including corrosion and metal fatigue.

Last year, Veracity won the Aviation Week MRO of the Year Award for delivering an in-situ inspection system that provides UT information of the internal structure of an aircraft wing attachment fitting.

Veracity is a leader in developing customized solutions to provide faster, better, and more cost effective non-destructive inspection approaches for customers in both the aerospace defense and the power generator industries. Veracity operates as part of the Services group of AGC Aerospace & Defense.

AGC Aerospace & Defense, the operating portfolio of private equity group Acorn Growth Companies, is a global supplier of technologies, systems and services that support key commercial and military programs. Capabilities within the AGC Aerospace & Defense portfolio range from financing, engineering, and integration services to manufacturing, logistics, and aircraft modifications.

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