Veracity Delivers Inspection System to Meet GE Frame 7 TIL Requirements

Veracity Technology Solutions, an AGC Aerospace and Defense company, has deployed a new advanced inspection system for GE Frame 7 gas turbines that fully meets the inspection requirements issued by General Electric in early October.

GE issued a technical information letter outlining inspection requirements for detecting rotor forward shaft dovetail cracks in its 7F gas turbine compressor wheels. Cracks were recently detected in two units on the pressure face of the R0 dovetail area of the wheel.

”A crack gone undetected can result in catastrophic failure of the compressor section and ultimately, substantial costs in component replacement,” said Veracity Senior Developmental Engineer Manh Nguyen. “To mitigate this risk, Veracity has been able to rapidly develop, proof and deploy a field inspection system that is fully capable of the inspection requirements of GE’s technical inspection letter.”

Veracity’s new non-destructive inspection system uses a 128-element linear array that provides unparalleled detectability, and has been proven in both military and power generating applications. Inspection can be completed in as little as 4-6 hours.

Veracity urges users of the 7F fleet to review the GE technical inspection letter carefully to fully understand the requirements for their unit’s configuration.

Veracity Technology Solutions develops customized nondestructive inspection solutions for aerospace systems and power generation equipment. Veracity technicians use proven, proprietary technology to check for defects or potential problems – on applications such as wings, rotor blades, landing gear, generators, and both gas and steam turbines. The methodology and technology help customers extend the service life of high-value assets, lower inspection costs, and eliminate hazardous processes.

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Veracity Technology Solutions
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