Hill AeroSystems Earns AS9100 Rev C Certification

AGC Aerospace & Defense is pleased to announce that Hill AeroSystems, a member of the AGC Composites Group, has recently completed a BSI Assured Limited audit and earned the AS9100 Rev C certification, awarded for the improvement of product quality and cost reduction in the aviation and defense manufacturing industry.

The new revision to the AS9100 audit program is a strenuous assessment and evaluation process that is challenging for companies seeking the esteemed certification. Hill AeroSystems passed its audit without any findings from the auditor. The AS9100 certification recognizes the company’s strategic focus on supplier management, on-time delivery, product conformity and risk management. The quality audit was conducted by BSI Assurance Limited, a member of the BSI Group of Companies and a global provider of management systems assessment and certification solutions.

“The continuous improvement of our products, processes and quality management systems is one of our primary goals as we look to drive toward and achieve key certifications that include AS9100 Rev C,” said Heather Roodzant, Quality Assurance Specialist for Hill AeroSystems. “Obtaining this certification is our way of expressing our dedication to quality and added value to our clients.”

Steve Hill, President of Hill AeroSystems, stated, “Staying focused on the customer and building high quality structural assemblies has served as the foundation of our company for over 40 years. We strive for continuous improvement in all of operations to keep pace with innovations in technologies and processes.” Hill added, “I am very proud of our team’s commitment to these values and it is an honor to be recognized in such a prestigious and tangible manner.”

The AS9100 Rev C, developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and introduced to the aerospace and defense industry in 2009, satisfies internal, government, and regulatory requirements to improve product quality and on-time delivery of products. AS9100 Rev C requires cooperative initiatives to make significant quality improvements and cost reductions throughout the value stream.

The IAQG 9100 team consists of eighteen members representing Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific IAQG Sectors. Among the various stakeholders are: Civil aviation authorities, defense and space industry and authorities, certification/registration bodies, trade associations and IAQG member companies.

Hill AeroSystems has been in business since 1970 and is a leader in precision aerospace parts and assemblies. Hill maintains a diverse and robust manufacturing capability that combines the benefits of legacy craftsmanship with modern processes to achieve the highest standard of technical fidelity. This unique blend positions Hill to meet its customers’ diverse needs ranging from supporting aging aircraft fleets to today’s next generation aircraft.

The AGC Composites Group, part of the AGC Aerospace & Defense portfolio, is jointly owned by The Edgewater Funds and Acorn Growth Companies. The group is composed of Unitech Composites, Integrated Composites and Hill AeroSystems and leverages the strength of its design, engineering, development, and manufacturing capabilities from the separate companies working as part of one group. The AGC Composites Group provides innovative design services, quick turnaround tooling, as well as the ability to efficiently manufacture both low volume as well as high volume production at competitive rates.

AGC Aerospace & Defense, the unifying brand of private equity group Acorn Growth Companies, is a global supplier of technologies, systems and services that support key commercial and military programs. Capabilities within the AGC Aerospace & Defense portfolio range from financing, engineering, and integration services to manufacturing, logistics, and aircraft modifications. AGC Aerospace & Defense is organized into four operating groups: Composites, Finance, Integrated Defense, and Services.

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