Commuter Air Technology, Inc. Graduates 300th Student from the Frith Training Center

Commuter Air Technology, an AGC Aerospace & Defense Company, has graduated the 300th student from the U.S. Air Force contracted MC-12 Sensor Operator Initial Qualification Training Program located at the Frith Training Center at Wiley Post Airport.

"The objective of the program is to develop student's basic skills through hands-on flight training and rigorous classroom instruction so they leave prepared for real world scenarios," stated AGC Integrated Defense Group and CAT President, Darryl Wilkerson.  "Students also benefit from exposure to collective lessons learned from the staff's combat Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) experience."

The month-long training course includes classroom academics followed by equipment familiarization training events utilizing simulators and mock-ups.  The students receive instruction in modified Beech King Air aircraft, where they learn how to employ the equipment in real time situations.  Training culminates with flights over local dedicated areas where battlefield simulations are conducted by former Marine Special Forces and former USAF Joint Terminal Attack Controllers.

CAT's instructor force, which consists of military veterans with extensive combat experience, is dedicated to ensuring that USAF personnel trained at the Frith Training Center are combat ready.

Twenty-eight classes have graduated since CAT began training USAF MC-12 Sensor Operators in August 2010, with all classes graduating on or ahead of schedule.  Over the course of this training, CAT has flown over 1,200 sorties totaling over 3,000 incident-free flight hours.Commuter Air Technology is a Special Mission aircraft integrator and operator that conducts "SOF Quality" operations both OCONUS and CONUS.  

CAT is recognized for rapid and unique ISR integrations with complete training, operations and contractor logistic support.  CAT also operates the Kerry Frith ISR Training Center, which supports ISR airborne and ground training.  CAT designs and utilizes numerous Supplemental Type Certificates that enable increases in performance for the King Air series aircraft.

AGC Aerospace & Defense is a global supplier of technologies, systems and services that support key commercial and military programs.  Capabilities within the AGC Aerospace & Defense portfolio include:  financing, engineering, integration services, manufacturing, logistics and aircraft modifications.For additional information about Commuter Air Technology or AGC Aerospace & Defense, please visit www.agcaerospace.com.


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