CAT Graduates 100th Student from ISR Training School

Commuter Air Technology (CAT), an AGC Aerospace & Defense company, graduated its 100th student from its U.S. Air Force contracted MC-12 Sensor Operator Initial Qualification Training Program.

The training curriculum includes field simulations, material review, and class discussions to train operators of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensor equipment on the MC-12 (Liberty) aircraft. Students of the CAT ISR training school have completed over 400 sorties and 1,000 flight hours. CAT, with teammates Valair Aviation, also an AGC Aerospace & Defense company, and Grey Aviation, took the program from contract award to a fully operational course in a few short weeks.

“We developed a comprehensive program based on the technical capabilities of the equipment, the operation tactics, and the scenarios these students are likely to encounter when operationally deployed,” stated Darryl Wilkerson, President of CAT and the AGC Integrated Defense Group. “Our focus is on providing these airmen and those they support in the field with the knowledge and expertise they need and can use.”

“We’ve been there, in theater, in a range of situations and under various conditions,” said Gary Ambrose, Senior Vice President of CAT. “We pull from our experiences to make this training the best representation of what these operators will encounter when they’re in the field.” CAT’s instructors are all combat veterans with direct ISR mission experience.

About Commuter Air Technology (CAT)
CAT modifies and certifies aircraft to provide increased performance and special mission capabilities for commercial, military, and general aviation customers. CAT also provides a full spectrum of airborne ISR products and services including: training, integration, operational testing and evaluation, combat mission support, aircraft, and exercise support. CAT operates within the Integrated Defense Group of AGC Aerospace & Defense.

About AGC Aerospace & Defense
AGC Aerospace & Defense, the unifying brand of private equity group Acorn Growth Companies, is a global supplier of technologies, systems, and services that support key commercial and military programs. Capabilities within the AGC Aerospace & Defense portfolio range from financing, engineering, and integration services to manufacturing, logistics, and aircraft modifications.

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